Gran Paradiso

first walk into the park

praying for snow ;)

first IR trial

and the shot that i was happy about :)

all in all very excited about this trip :)

Chamois, alpine ibex, ermine, the 4061 meter high Gran Paradiso, a stone’s throw from Mont Blanc and snow … .Lots of snow. The perfect combination in the Graian Alps to test out my new snow equipment and experiment with - what’s new for me - infrared techniques. When arriving at the Gran Paradiso National Park we immediately noticed chamois everywhere. Snow we didn’t see unfortunately. The ermine and the alpine ibex also continued to hide. But as a nature photographer, other circumstances than hoped, are no exception. I therefore took advantage of the opportunity to make brisk walks in the mountains during the day and take pictures at nightfall, testing the infrared for my upcoming Iceland trip. These were three unpredictable days , still having yielded one image i’m happy about, and that was ultimately, besides enjoying the silence in the mountains, my goal.

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